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Cancer Support Network, Dating and Social Support
CancerMatch is a powerful cancer survivor networking site. Meet people who are diagnosed with cancer from all over the world. With CancerMatch you can:
  • Create a circle of friends who share your diagnosis, or, simply, care about you
  • Build your own network of contacts who share your diagnosis
  • Use built-in communication services to meet or mentor
  • Write your own blog
  • Join a live chat group or person to person chat
  • Post your real life event or attend other members' events
  • Create and lead your own live chat or support group
  • Meet new friends and, maybe, even fall in love
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Author: meek42
Yes "Waves" is the right word. The rhythm of the ocean waves on my bare feet as a child playing in the tidal pools and shore line is a warm and fuzzy memory. Letting the spray of the break...
I have had Non-Hoskins Lymphoma then neck cancer 2x
Had a laryngectomy, still getting laryngectomy treatments as in learning how to talk again, it is hard, but I'm doing it ...
Author: BluewaterMan
Hi everyone, I'm Kenny and I'm in the middle of my second round of head & neck cancer. Truth is I can't spell it but I'll try, Nasalparaginic, The spell check got it. Lol The reason I can't spell ...
Author: Bellabee4
So people who don't have cancer claim to feel bad and sorry for the ones who have cancer but at the same time treat us like we have a disease that is catching and cn hurt them ...
Author: Eternity12
Breast Cancer...
Recent Clubs
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People who are local to Pittsburgh share treatment advice, survivor stories, and possibly even meet live....
Author: ahpicker08
under 35 with breast cancer diagnosis looking to talk about dating, making friends and compare notes with others in this age group...
Author: WarriorOne58
I am 58, 5'9" tall, 123lbs., and divorced.
I also have Stage 4 BC.
Been battling with it for 6 years now.

Author: dehaven26
A Club for women who are not fancy to pink ribbons on everything from sticky notes to bread packages. For women who don't want to "label" themselves by a "symbol" but by who they ...
Author: heidijena
Arena for those overcoming blood cancers, diseases, and disorders. ...
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