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Cancer Support Network, Dating and Social Support
CancerMatch is a powerful cancer survivor networking site. Meet people who are diagnosed with cancer from all over the world. With CancerMatch you can:
  • Create a circle of friends who share your diagnosis, or, simply, care about you
  • Build your own network of contacts who share your diagnosis
  • Use built-in communication services to meet or mentor
  • Write your own blog
  • Join a live chat group or person to person chat
  • Post your real life event or attend other members' events
  • Create and lead your own live chat or support group
  • Meet new friends and, maybe, even fall in love
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Author: Celia V
Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this, wow! as I type I look up on my screen to the left and see the word CANCER. I've always been physically fit and healthy as well. I always would take my m...
Author: Valerie
You will get to the other side. there are days you will say that it sure does not feel like that, but you will get to the other side and these days too shall pass.
2 years Stage IV breasts cancer, s...
Author: jenny24
A blog about the unpredictable life with cancer......
Author: pgat63
Hi I was diagnosed with MM in January and have been in treatment since March. I will be going through my last treatment in January and then I go on a three year maintenance plan. If there is anyone ou...
Author: Chantale
Feeling alone ! your not alone :)...
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Author: WarriorOne58
I am 58, 5'9" tall, 123lbs., and divorced.
I also have Stage 4 BC.
Been battling with it for 6 years now.

Author: dehaven26
A Club for women who are not fancy to pink ribbons on everything from sticky notes to bread packages. For women who don't want to "label" themselves by a "symbol" but by who they ...
Author: heidijena
Arena for those overcoming blood cancers, diseases, and disorders. ...
Author: 308single
Single survivors out there? Need a friend to talk to...Let's get this club going....
Author: ronsmalls
A group of men and wives/girlfriends who can communicate with each other regarding prostate cancer, the side effects, etc....
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